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6 Best Food According To Grubhub Food of the Year

GrubHub created the list of best food ordered in the year 2018. You are wrong if you would guessing the pizza and burger. This time taste of American in the subject of best food has been substituted. America’s leading best food delivery platform GrubHub has launched the most popular “Food of the Year” of 2018.

In the list Food of the Year, GrubHub also posted the priorities set by the father and mother while ordering food. Mothers are more conscious about the friendly budget restaurants while fathers are more deliberate about the variety of restaurants.

There are many diversity of food with familiar eateries have been recorded into the list. The online delivery platform makes life comfortable for everyone who wants to take a rest from cooking and Dad can have family time with the kids favorite food.

Best Food
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These are the list of top food according to the survey about 2000 users and 16 million GrubHub order in the last year.

  1. Bean burritos (276 percent more popular than during 2017)
  2. Poke (205 percent more popular than during 2017)
  3. Chicken sliders (189 percent more popular than during 2017)
  4. Baby back pork ribs (165 percent more popular than during 2017)
  5. Chicken burritos (164 percent more popular than during 2017)

Best Food for Breakfast

Breakfast category hasn’t been changed it is the same we all love for and expectation, will the next year bring some differences in the breakfast of American?

  1. peanut butter acai bowl (350% more popular)
  2. detox juice (193% more popular)
  3. bacon, egg and cheese sandwich (190% more popular)
  4. breakfast burrito (141% more popular)
  5. french toast (106% more popular)

Top Dessert Items

Do I forget about the desserts? Dessert also makes the place in the top food of the year there is no food in the world that Americans never heard or have tasted.

  1. brownie (413% more popular)
  2. Oreo cookie cupcake (316% more popular)
  3. baklava (261% more popular)
  4. salted caramel cookie (243% more popular)
  5. cobbler (238% more popular)

Reason To Ordering Food

GrubHub study states, the main purpose of ordering is fast service and eatery. When you are with friends, traveling, on-going travel, no mode of cooking and at the workplace.

  1. Didn’t feel like cooking (43%)
  2. Satisfy a craving (30%)
  3. Saving time from cooking/cleaning (28%)
  4. At home game night/movie night (25%)
  5. Family night dinner (24%)

Gender Preference For Best Food

Tastes between men and women have varied and in the case of ordering food from particular restaurants women resemble for casual budget restaurants while on other hands men inclined towards fast service policy.

  • Top Foods Among Men: Burgers (31%) / BBQ (24%) / Chinese (23%)
  • Top Foods Among Women: Women: Chinese (32%) / Mexican (27%) / Burgers (25%)

The study shows that men/women are in a relationship prefer to pick up or delivery of food so that they can spend more time and singles. Single have also the different idea on date night they also prefer to pick up or carry especially on favorite cuisine.

  • 41% of women prefer pizza on a date, compared to 29% of men
  • 25% of men prefer BBQ, compared to only 11% of women
  • 20% of women prefer sushi, compared to 12% of men

Most Order Food of Employee

Employee prefers to order food to eat with the colleague and prefer to delivery while working and it a common event for lunch and it also interesting to most of the order 2-4 times in a week.

The common etiquette in Office:

  • Eating someone else’s food (47%)
  • Leaving a messy kitchen (44%)
  • Dirty microwave (38%)
  • Microwaving pungent food (34%)
  • Eating something messy/pungent at the desk (30%)
  • Forgetting about leftover pick-up food in the fridge (29%)

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