Requirements for Uber Eats Driver

Requirements for Uber Eats Driver

What is a Uber Eats and how can you Uber Eats driver?

Uber Eats is an online food delivery platform, in shorts, it is the bridge between restaurant, delivery boy and customer and there is a requirements for uber eats.

Once the order is placed by the customer, a delivery guy need to collect the order from the restaurant, and deliver it at the customer given address.

What are the basic requirements of a Uber Eats delivery job?

Driving a vehicle for shipment is easy, and simple as compared to ride-share cab service.

Requirements entirely depend on the city where you are delivering the food.

I am here to guide you all the process of becoming a Uber Eats delivery guy.

So you gonna make money as a student, and work as per your schedule.


Grubhub Pay cash, requirements for uber eats
  1. Check your city that Uber Eats service is available or not. Though Uber Eats is expanding, throughout the world rapidly still they are not fully covered yet. Put your city’s name at Uber Eats “Find a city” section.
  2. A delivery boy must be at least 19 years of age with an experience of one year in driving. The age category is varied, according to a country however, 19 is required in India, and USA while 21 required in Canada. Make sure you had 1 year of experience.
  3. Delivery for the Uber is a little bit more relaxed than driving for Uber because you don’t need to put the effort of impress rider anymore. Now you are wondering about two wheeler motorcycles. Yes, you can also deliver the food by a two-wheeler, but if you want to deliver the package in a vehicle, there are some requirements.
    • Car model is 1997 or newer
    • Must have car insurance
    • Must be able to clear the inspection
    • No sign of a taxi or any advertisement
    • No visible damage
  4. Valid driving license and your name prominently mentioned on it. Uber is strict while choosing partner whether it for UberEats or cab. Partner must’ve valid driving license to get approval for UberEats.
  5. Test yourself that you are capable of carrying 13.6 kg of food. While UberEats expects that the guy must’ve fitted to hold food when it comes to going stair. The size of the food is typically less than 13.6 kg, Uber just careful regarding the service and situation such as poor weather or deliver the food passed the small street where you need to hold package by hands.

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How do you sign up for UberEats partner?

ubereats driver

To get started for UberEats delivering process, sign up the on the UberEats partner app.

Put all the login details without spelling mistakes and you need to upload all the required documents at the site, make sure your pictures of the document is perfectly visible otherwise you would ask for the correction.

Put the unique password and additional details such as phone number and email.

  • Image of valid driving license
  • Proof of insurance of car in which your name is clearly visible
  • Proof of vehicle registration number

After completing all the process at the sign-up, uber will take approximately 2-3 days to verify and cross-check the document.

Duration of getting approval is differed some driver say they will be activated in one day or says it will take a week.

Uber check the background such as criminal records, registration vehicle number, and license suspension.

So processing of acceptance may take a little while.

Once they activated the account and will inform you by an email or message you to your number.

You are all set to get your first UberEats order.

Now you need to download the UberEats app and sign up as a partner, wait for your first order by nearby restaurants placed by customer.

The best thing about the Uber partner that is flexible schedules you have a full right to accept or reject the order and work according to your time and plans.

How do I make my first delivery?

All the process of delivering food is guided by Uber to you.

First, make yourself well prepared and punctual before going online.

You will receive notification regarding the order you have 30 seconds to accept it.

After accepting the request, you need to rush toward the restaurant where you have to collect the food.

Remember you are the bridge between customer and restaurants and the navigates you at the restaurant.

Collect the order and provide details to a restaurant if acquired.

Now the final part is to deliver at the customer place, confirm the customer if he wants to receive at the door or anywhere else in the given address.

Call the customer when you arrived in the street or somewhere else near the street if you have confusion regarding the direction.

Customer doesn’t like an excessive calling.

UberEats Driver Pay

UberEats payment done on a weekly basis.

You can directly deposit payment on Thursday/Friday otherwise you need set up the direct deposit to the bank via the app.

The more you deliver, the more money you earned. Deliver at the time cause customer may get offended by cold food.

Common question Asked by UberEats driver

1.Do I need to go to office after registering online?

You need to present yourself at the UberEats office even after registering online.

2. Do I need to pay for joining?

Yes, you do need to pay something before joining UberEats. Here is the breakdown
Walker, you don’t need to anything
Bicyclist have to pay $150
A motorcyclist also need to $150
It is refundable, and you will get

  • A UberEats T-shirts
  • A thermal foodie bag
  • A phone case and holder
  • Raincoat

3. Can I reject my order after picking up from the restaurant?


4. What would be the outcome of rejecting the order?

After rejecting, Uber will gives less priority to low acceptance driver, and you won’t get the delivery fee.

If a miracle happens you will get it then it would be subtracted from your account in 2-3 days.

You hardly receive orders unless you are the alone in the street. Better to stay offline if you want a break.

5. Can I see my customer address before picking up the food?

No, you can’t see the customer address before visiting and pick up the food from the restaurant after that the address and details of the customer will display at your screen.

6. How many deliveries do I need to do in a single day?

There is no task to complete such and such deliveries in a single day. The algorithm is simple
More deliveries= More earning
Less delivery= Less earning
No delivery = No earning

7. How much can I make in UberEats by delivery food in a week?

That all depends on the deliveries that you have done

8. What if I want a break, what if I am thirsty, hungry and any kind of crisis occurs, and I need to go home urgently?

  • In those situations, you have two choices to do it
    1. Go simply offline or stop getting requests but you have to make sure that you don’t have any pending deliveries before you must’ve cleared all the current and pending deliveries if you would have otherwise, Ubereats will give you a call
    2. Stop getting requests means after completion of order and promptly decide whether you want to get a request for an order or not, as soon as your all your work done go back online and start your earning.

9. Why I am not getting any orders?

Not getting any orders, one of the reasons behind it is that there is no customer around you booking any orders and be patient.

I recommend you I have faced such situations many times, try to switch the places, it worked for me and many of my partners, surely it will work for you too.

10. Everyone is getting order nearby me except me. Why?

Switch off or on your device then go back online the main reason could be your GPS location, check it, is it correct or not.

11. How much can I earn from a single delivery?

That is the most question asked by a beginner driver you would earn as much as you want but you also need to deliver the orders as much as they want. Incentives calculated on many factors such as the distance the task you complete the commission given by an UberEats.


All the points that I have written here are all my personal points if any new updates come I will mention here.

I worked for uberEats for 1 year and that all have my own opinion.

If you have any thoughts query, anything related to UberEats then let me know. I will try to find out the answers with an explanation. Long live UberEats!

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UberEats is one of the best ways to generate income if you are a college student and want to make some bucks.

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