Postmates vs Doordash | Who Will Win 2021?

Postmates Vs Doordash

What is Postmate? Postmate is a legitimate American food delivery app that has been spectacularly proposing its service in thousands of cities all over the USA since 2011.  We’ve now Grubhub, UberEats, Caviar and today the fight comparison Postmates vs Doordash. It is more accurate to say that Postmates is not just a mere food … Read more

Postmates Insurance Policy : The Complete Guide

Postmates Insurance Policy

Nowadays, insurance plays a vital role in a person’s life; it can fade away financial problems while suffering from unfortunate events like injuries or accidents.  Postmates offer insurance to its driver under certain conditions.  To be appreciated by the customers, Postmates create job opportunities and provide insurance and other benefits; the drivers need to follow … Read more

How to Contact Postmates Driver

How to Contact Postmates Driver

Postmates provide the phone number and other contact details to support the customer queries, but how to contact Postmates driver for special instrcution. Sometimes customers order something special with instructions and want to connect to the driver so they can inform the restaurants and work accordingly. How to Contact Postmates Drivers? The answer is you … Read more

Postmates Background Check for Driver | How To Pass?

postmates background check

When you are applying for the Postmates courier service, you must go through a Postmates background check to become the Postmates driver. Before moving the onboarding session, the driver needs a clear background record – otherwise, you will be rejected by Postmates. Postmates drivers hold responsibility, and Postmates want to ensure that their independent contractor … Read more

Postmates Driver Requirements

Postmates Driver requirements 833 by 437 pixels

The Earnings of Postmates drivers depends on the delivery of food and other convenience items from one point to the local consumers and there is complete guide for Postmates driver requirements. Other than the food, the driver also delivers stuff from one customer to another customer’s address. Postmates also take an order over phone call … Read more

Postmates San Francisco

postmates san francisco

Postmates is the fourth-best delivery service in the United States. Though there are a lot of other delivery services in the United States, and there is fierce competition between them. The best thing about Postmates that I like is their customer service, and they are very prompt with help and resolution. And Postmates also provides … Read more