How to Change Default Payment on Uber

How to Change Default Payment on Uber

Uber does not allow its users to have a ride without knowing the default mode of payment.

In some countries like India and Brazil, riders request the ride without the visa or card verification.

Their default method is considered as cash, and the trip needs to be paid after the ride is completed.

Uber cab service can be used easily and customize everything even the referral code.

Yes, why does it not payment mode?

A complete guide of payment mode is already published.

The simple answer to this question is you should add a payment method in the section of Uber.

Verify the card detail or mobile wallet before requesting the ride.

You will see your default payment, now click on the default payment tab.

You will find the number of payment modes such as PayPal, credit card and debit card.

Remember if you choose a mobile wallet and you don’t have a sufficient balance.

Your entire amount goes to the outstanding balance.

Afterward, you are allowed to take the next trip unless you cleared the balance.

That’s it nothing is rocket science chose the preferable payment method for your trip.

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