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Discount War Between Uber and Lyft

The most two observed rival cab companies of USA, consistently engaging the public by offering the discounts, promo codes and coupons to invite more audience towards their service.

To be honest, we do check offers running or not on cab services before booking, some of them monitor on uber, and some of them goes for Lyft

Traveling is pretty easy in the 21st century, scrolling the app, and taxi is serving you at the doorstep. Did you know the discounts about the companies investing and how do they share the market value?.

Many of us, don’t care what goes on because of its none of business, just for the concern I try to find out the correct data from various resources and put it together in one place.

discount war

Let have a brief data about their IPO, as of March. Lyft launched the IPO which Uber already done it. Often seen Lyft follow uber footprints and on the other hands discount at its peak that to comes at the same time.

In the battle of profitably, both the companies have smooth competition. Uber launched three year ahead from Lyft due to the continuous scandal, demands for Lyft reached a new height.

In the recent article about the quick comparison in Uber and Lyft display the real facts and figure of uber and Lyft.

Rideshare company having the most market share

According to the recent survey in 2017-2018, 64% of market share holds by uber in NYC and 21% followed by the Lyft. Lyft is less than a third of uber. While on a large market, uber covers 64% of the market share and Lyft is just 32%. Rest do share some value as per the given date. Gett/Juno, Via, Curb, and Arrow are also part of the race.

discount war


People Love Both

People love to use Uber as well as Lyft there is no aversion in the people’s mind. Our mind’s work according to the service and punctuality of driver and vehicle.

Functionality and user experience is also carrying the weight. People prefer driver behavior, car’s condition, time, no excessive calling after arriving, familiar with the en-route.

People First look for Price

The primary choice of the user is the cost of the service, that’s why both companies war discount generally takes by people. It gives the advantages, and as a normal human being, everyone wants a little discount while taking any service.

More than 80% of people think the cost of the ride trip is very significant to them. Therefore often they like to switch app, and even consider the third-party app or if the local taxi renders reliable and efficient price and people desire to take a trip.

Discount war among the competitor is very traditional in the technology where the competition is high. Though discount plays a crucial role for an individual while looking for the trip and coupons entice them and convince them to take service.

In simple word, people switch one ride-hailing app to another because of the cost, pick up time, the rating and performance of driver play a little part while booking. Convenience and cost are primary and secondary, therefore, companies implement and modify the services often. Cost beats convenience.

Competition is a must for the people to have availability and discount while having a trip. The fierce competition presents more opportunity to have a low-cost ride and leisure especially for the businessman and user experience to them so that they can maintain their reputation if things go opposite user promptly post it on Facebook about the service or will give low-rating at the play store.

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