4 Legal Ways To Get Netflix Free Account

4 Legal Ways To Get Netflix Free Account

Netflix is the world’s most renowned streaming service right now.

I know what you are wondering about the price and Netflix free account?

I am wrong if I say you can’t watch Netflix if you don’t have access to passwords and email.

Free is one of the most attractive keywords to users.

I want to cover the best way to get a free account on Netflix in the USA and other parts of the world.

Before visiting here, several pages promised us to give a free account on Netflix and request us to join their telegram group to get more information.

Is it illegal to share a Netflix account?

Yes, the genuine is to buy the Netflix subscription through the Netflix apps and official website.

Unfortunately, Netflix stopped the one-month trial subscription in few countries, where users can have unlimited access to all web series, movies, and anime available on Netflix.

We must agree that we all used the Netflix free month subscription and had enjoyed so much by watching those great content on Netflix.

Now Netflix has no more one month trial, and only genuine to watch Netflix shows is to buy premium.

Share password:The first legal way to get a Netflix free account  is sharing or asking the password from a colleague or family.

First free trial: This is the genuine way to have Netflix, you just need to sign up with credit or debit cards, and you have a Netflix subscription for one month.

However, after the first free trial, you can use the mother mobile and set up a new account with new card details and use it for one month.

Then, next time use your father mobile and set a new account again.

In this way, you can watch Netflix free for several months.

The best thing is Netflix allows 4 slots in one account.

#1: T-Mobile ONE Plus

  • They cover up to $10.99 towards the Netflix Standard subscription priced at $12.99, and monthly they can pay only $2!
  • They can watch on two screens simultaneously in high definition and they can download videos on two phones or tablets.

Read the full terms and conditions to get a netflix free account if you are a T-Mobile Users.

Netflix Promo Code and Gift Card

There is currently no promo code for Netflix free account, and I am sure every coupon you found is for a first-month trial free.

Gift Cards are useful if you buy the Netflix gift card at a discount and save little money.

Gift cards usually provide 3 to 4 percent OFF and it will help to save money in your pocket.

How to Setup Netflix on T-Mobile?

#2: Alternative of Netflix

Netflix is not the only choice in the streaming world.

Hulu, HBO, and Amazon prime are also in the race, and they are coming up with wonderful content too.

They are also given a first-month free trial, and you can watch it as an alternative. 

I recommend, you should give a chance to alternatives too.

Is there any way to watch Netflix shows?

Unlicensed streaming apps are running the Netflix shows and films without the consent, and such apps will perish as soon as Netflix filed the copyright case.

However, telegram is considered the best way to watch the Netflix show as well as Amazon prime and many more.

But the way Netflix smooth running gives fun and can enjoy the show without streaming much with high internet speed- no other apps will do such things.

Don’t worry! I am going to reveal the Netflix in your country and can watch unlimited films web series in your country without paying the entire subscription fee.

Get Netflix email and password?

Netflix accounts can have multiple users up to four.

If one of your friends and family members bought four-screen plans so it will be better if you ask the Netflix email and password from them and enjoy the streaming without being paid and have Netflix movies, and web series which are currently running on.

Why did Netflix stop the first-month free trial?

Netflix didn’t stop the one month free trial plan entirely and Netflix is in the testing process of new offers.

Therefore whoever subscribes to Netflix for the first time will have to pay ₹5 and that too for specific users.

Netflix said offers would not be available for every new user.

Offers will display to the new users when they first sign up and pay ₹5 to get Netflix access.

Netflix started the streaming services in India in 2016 and now has over 160 million members around the globe.

Netflix Accounts Generator

You won’t get anything from the Netflix accounts generator.
It’s a time-wasting process.
Think of yourself!
If Netflix freely gives access to everyone, then the company would have shut down earlier.

Free generator randomly creates passwords, and emails which are no use.
It’s like a random number, instead of a number, they create fake passwords and email.
If you are using the generator, you are wasting the time, stop doing it, rather than buy from someone else, many people is selling netflix account with a cheap price.
They are not the Netflix watcher, they create account and sell it into the market.

How much Netflix streaming costs?

The Netflix plans structure divided into three categories which are Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Basic$8.99Single Screen (HD)
Standard$12.99Dual Screen (HD)
Premium$15.99Four Screen (Ultra HD)

Basic: Price is $8.99 for one screen once at a time, and video resolution is SD.

Premium: Price is $12.99 for two screens once at a time, and video resolution is HD.

Standard: Price is $15.99 for four screens once at a time, and video resolution is HD + Ultra HD.

Which Netflix subscription is best?

If we are planning to buy the basic, then we should remember that only one screen can be watched at a time and we cannot share the screens with our friends and family.

Free Netflix account 600x300

The basic plans run even on slow internet speed.

The premium and basic plans have a leap of $4 and premium plans come with dual screens and standard quality.

If the internet connection is too slow, then only buy a basic plan because the quality might not be up to mark.

Therefore premium plans have SD quality and have two reliable screens that are good to buy.

An internet connection to Netflix is like gasoline to a car. The more speed, the better resolution.

Netflix standard plan serves 4K Ultra HD resolution.

It requires a 10MBps to stream, which depends on connectivity.

It gives us four screens at a time and HD(High Definition) resolution.

 It only makes sense to purchase the Standard plans if the connectivity is 10 Mbps.

  • SD — 3Mbps
  • Full HD — 5Mbps
  • 4K Ultra HD — 25Mbps

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#3: How to Sign up for Unlimited Netflix Free Trials

  • Join Free For a Month
  • Select the Plan.
  • Select Plan and Continue.
  • Enter the secure email and password.
  • Select the Payment Method, and Pay it.

Repeat the procedure with visa gift card and virtual credit card to get the extra one month free trial.

Don’t use the same email again. Once you have completed the free trial, repeat the process and watch Netflix shows free for one whole month.

#4: How to Get Additional Free Netflix Trials

  1. The first step you need to do is to select the plan on Netflix(Basic, Premium, and standard).
  2. Put the secure password and email. After filling the email address and password, click on Continue.
  3. Select the payment mode. You can choose a credit card or PayPal and click on Start to start the membership.
  4. Repeat the steps again with different number and card.

How to Cancel the Netflix subscription?

After becoming the Netflix membership, you can cancel the subscription. 

We can cancel the Netflix subscription in mobile apps and web browsers.

Go to the account, which is three arrows at the right down the bottom of the Netflix home page.

free netflix account

Click on the homepage, and it will redirect you to the web browser billing page.

Netflix free account

Cancel the subscription on the billing page.

4 Legal Ways To Get Netflix Free Account

If you want to cancel the subscription early, then your Netflix is continuing to the current billing period. 

Netflix will not refund the money once you paid.

You can restart the account within 10 months, and they welcome, if you come to join the membership again.

Netflix UK Prices

Basic£5.99Single Screen (HD)
Standard£8.99Dual Screen (HD)
Premium£11.99Four Screen (Ultra HD)

Netflix is the top streaming service around the globe, and during the pandemic, it considers the best time killing service in lockdown.

£5.99 per month : It is similar to a basic plan like in the USA, which consists of a single screen at a time to a member-but having a standard resolution.

£8.99 per month Standard subscription: Member can have High Definition and two screens at a time.

£11.99 a month Premium subscription: Member can watch in Ultra HD resolution even on television with four screens at a time.

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