Uber Account Disabled?

Uber Account Disabled?

For some reason, your Uber partner account got deactivated, but one thing keeps in mind, that Uber holds the right to cancel, or suspend the partner account at any time and first understand why is your Uber account disabled?.

If you have done fraud, or violate Uber policy, then there is less chance Uber will reactivate your account, and you are no longer being a partner of Uber.

If the reason is not major and you think it gets blocked due to low rating and high cancellation rate, then the account can be reactivated with Uber by sending an appeal, but it does not guarantee that your disabled Uber account reactivated.

Uber investigates the situation thoroughly, and if there is enough proof on your side, then you will receive the notification of driving again.

If not enough proof, your Uber account is permanently banned.

Why Is Your Uber Account Disabled?

  • There are ample reasons for getting blocked, and sometimes you don’t even know the reason that you have broken the guidelines of Uber and hit the road until you received the notification banned account.
  • Fraud like creating a fake account to take benefits of promo codes and coupons.
  • Safety issues like drink and drive and texting while driving.
  • Low Rating.
  • High Cancellation.
  • Supporting and promoting competitors like Lyft  in front of passengers.
  • Did not update the documents.
  • You are not hitting the road for one month.
  • Taking friends and relatives along with passengers

How to Appeal to Uber for reactivation?

Uber Account Disabled?

There are Uber community guidelines which need to be followed by drivers and riders.

Make sure you should explain to them the situation briefly and clearly.

Sign in for Uber help and Uber will let you know the result of your account disabled and if there is a temporary or permanent ban, and if you did not get the reply, there are more ways to get in touch with Uber customer service and get the answer?

How to reactivate Uber Rider Account

Waking up one day and wanting to take a ride to the office, but suddenly you realize that you are no longer a part of a Uber family that means your Uber account has been blocked by the Uber team.

Now the question will surely come to your mind that we have Lyft in our bag. 

That pretty good -but one should always prepare with a backup who knows when the emergency circumstances welcome us at the door.

Regaining Your Disabled Uber Account

Best way to regain your suspended Uber account is to ask for help.Uber.com, provides your all the valid details regarding your block account such as email and mobile number to the Uber help and submit it.

I was once stuck in the same situation, and I was a little bit confused and eagerly wanted to reactivate my Uber account, now you must be thinking why didn’t I try Lyft because I had a credit to that Uber account. 

Why Uber Disabled Account

They asked me for my government ID proof attached to it along after uploading the picture of my government id Uber regained my account within 48 hours of the complaint. 

Another Way To Regain Uber account

Another way you can manage to get the Uber account by making a new one

1. Sign up to Uber by downloading or by the sign-out or sign-in. 

Make sure according to the policy of Uber one device only access two accounts with a one-time promo code that means only once new user promo code can be applied to the single device. 

[Try to maintain the Uber terms and policy else you will face another block and this time you will never able to access the Uber account]

2. You can use the relatives/friends, and the family number that never been registered to the Uber and the same procedure of verification applied here.

3. After booking the cab try to give the call to the driver and make him/her clear that they should call in the current number.

How to set-up Uber account

Set the Uber account with a good profile pic to stunning credentials. Uber loves to give better service to the business riders and is very profound towards them. The same procedure of verification and affirmation are also required over here.

Uber suddenly disabled my account

If your account is suspended by Uber without any prior notice, this might be happening due to lots of cancellation, or you may get deactivated if you manipulate the Uber policy.

Uber Account Disabled | Reason Behind it |

Damaging driver car or misbehave with other passengers

Uber did not appreciate the rider to misbehave with another passenger or try to damage the driver’s car intentionally. Uber takes no time to close the access of your account. 

Do not pay the pending amount for too long

After the completion of the trip, there is a chance that your wallet may run out of the balance. At that time your full amount goes to minus and Uber will notify about it and you also lose the request for a ride option. Make sure you clear all the due balances otherwise if you keep in pending for a long time, then Uber will block your account.

Have a ridiculous low rating

A rider must have a pure and clean image in front of the driver so does the driver.

Both parties hold the rating rights for each other if anyone of them falls and not stand above the expected rating, Uber holds the rights to block the account to the driver as well as a rider. It’s better for both the parties that do not misuse their virtues. 

If you want to talk with a rider to make a good impression make sure he is in a good mood and rider if you don’t want to talk just let them know that you don’t want to talk.

Use of inappropriate and abusive language

Behavior and gesture indicate the nature and culture of a particular person. Have some self-respect and try not to create mess during the trip. Otherwise, your account will be rest in peace and Uber strictly is going to reopen the service for you anymore.

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