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Is food delivery draining into your budget?

App culture changed the scenarios of food. Earlier people used to visit the restaurant and now it just the game of fingertips. Swiping and ordering food, sitting on your couch and the quality of food made food delivery to continue rising.

It’s not about the domino pizza and fried rice anymore you can almost everything and order cuisine of a different variety if you are living in any metro political city. Price and review are all on your hand, switch the app and order with a discount to another app. take the benefits of the competition.

Food Delivery Service in United States

Americans eat a lot of pizza. On any given day, 13 percent of  American are craved about the slice, and this craziness towards pizza is increasing each day. Who doesn’t like pizza and over the course of one year, we spend $37 billion a year on popular food.

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While each challenge was different, all in all, I fed myself on about $50 a week, or $7 a day, and still managed to eat good, balanced meals. Not bad considering $7 in New York City will get you half a meal at any standard restaurant or one drink during happy hour.

Source: CNBC

New research revealed that American spends a whopping $56,000 annually on food and housing. The total 62% of average in annual expenditure. American Spend half their money on meals that require no cooking

These days hard to compromise with the lifestyle and with food it becomes more difficult, and due to the many online food delivery platforms that provide ample variety of meals which leads them to spend more on food because it food delivery services diverts us from the cooking.

Most Americans are spending way more than they should just to keep up with their friends and family. This causes their finances to be out of line with what truly is important to them.

If this rings true for you, I want to suggest a few ways that you can either cut back on spending, but still feel like a baller. I broke out the strategies by difficulty level so it’s easy for you to dive in where you feel comfortable.

I had published an article about how DoorDash, current the top food delivery service in the USA. The investment and the way it generates funds from the different and try to provide more good service.

Fun fact: New York has the most number of restaurants and various immigrants are opening their restaurants. Stereotype if you ask any particular community about the business they would say, they own a restaurant of their native country.

The way online food delivery perform, it will affect more on the pocket. The option is clear, you want to cook or you want to book.

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