Lyft Headquarters & Lyft Hub

Lyft Headquarters & Lyft Hub

Competing with Uber, Lyft has become the second-best ride-sharing services in the United States of America.

Initially, Lyft was known as  Zimride, and Logan Green, who first put the idea of ride-sharing in 2007 while observing carpooling service in his Zimbabwe tour.

Since then, Lyft has become a successful start-up and become every household name.

The company branded with a unique style of pink mustaches and after Lyft became the brand recognition to every citizen.

source: Lyft

San Francisco (HQ), CA

United States

185 Berry St #5000

Mailing Address: 548 Market Street Suite 68514 San Francisco, CA 94104.

Phone Number: +1 855-865-9553

Lyft Regional and other Offices

Austin, TX

United States

1021 E 7th St #102

Mailing address:  814 Bellemeade Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States.

Phone Number: +1 855-865-9553

Chicago, IL

United States

Mailing address: 848 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

Phone Number: +1 855-865-9553

Houston, TX

United States

Located: Keystone Plaza

Mailing address:  2855 Mangum Rd b106, Houston, TX 77092, United States

Phone Number: +1 713-698-5683

Nashville, TN

United States

Mailing address: 150 2nd Ave N 4th floor, Nashville, TN 37201, United States

Phone Number: +1 855-865-9553

New York, NY

United States

Mailing address:  245 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011, United States

Phone Number: +1 844-331-1215

Nashville, TN

United States

Mailing Address: 150 2nd Ave N 4th floor, Nashville, TN 37201

Phone Number: (855) 865-9553

Salt Lake City, UT

United States

Mailing Address: 1321 W North Temple St, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Status: Permanently Closed

Seattle, WA

United States

Mailing Address: 4323 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA 98108

Number Of Lyft Employees

4,779 total employees are working in the Lyft Headquarter, and recently Uber and Lyft drivers are considered as employees of the company.

There is an estimated revenue of 361.6 crores USD in 2019.

The founder is Logan Green and John Zimmer, and the CEO is Logan Green.

According to the Glassdoor report, Lyft employees have many benefits such as they cover mental health, and physical health of their employees and all of their benefits packages are extremely reasonable in cost.

Lyft Office Near Me

Drivers need to make an appointment for personal support services.

Scheduling an appointment is a strong requirement for live support.

And recently announced they don’t support lost and found items and for the lost items, rides need to follow help center guidelines, and there is an article for lost items.

Lyft Hub

Lyft Headquarter Opening Time

Lyft office time is to 5.00 pm standard business time on weekdays.

They are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Only employees are allowed to enter the Lyft Headquarter and no casual visitors- casual visitors first need to take appointments through email and phone number before visiting the headquarters.

If they like to schedule the meeting, they will let you know and arrange a meeting so that you can have a meeting.

Route to Lyft Headquarter

There are direct routes that help you to visit the Lyft Headquarter, the moovit provides the best route direction and time taken to you to reach the headquarter.

  • Bus: Bus – 10, Bus – 30, Bus – 82X, Bus – 83X
  • Train: Train – LOCAL
  • Light Rail: Light Rail – KT

How to get prepared for Lyft Headquarter?

You can take an appointment through call and email.

Be sure about your question, and go along with the material, if you have an issue with the direct deposit, then make sure you have brought a voided check with you, and if you have a question regarding the ride, then make sure you should have Lyft ride history data.

Visit to Lyft Hub

Lyft Help generally helps lots of drivers and passengers, you can also visit the Lyft Hub, and depending on the size of the customers, you may encounter a line, and you need to wait in a line for your turn.

There are several customer service representatives, and you asked someone from someone who handles your inquiry such as, if you are the driver, and needs help to set up the account, then there are representatives who will help you.

Frequently Asked Question

Can we report Lyft Hub for lost and found items?

No, you cannot go there for lost and found items, you need to contact Lyft through the Help center, and they will guide how to collect the lost items. They will arrange a meeting.

Can I visit the Lyft Emergency Office?

We don’t recommend visiting the Lyft emergency Office if the issue is critical and needs urgent help, dial 911 helpline number and after the contact, the Lyft, and they will help you with the procedure and guide you step by step.

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