I Need a Uber Ride?

The word ‘free’, discount and coupons are always appreciated and sweetest sound, one would want to listen after individual names.

Promotion codes that give little saving in our pocket to use money in other favorite things such as food. These tech-company comes with hundreds of promo codes initially and after sometimes offers vanished.

Myself searching promo code all day long to get discount but hardly able to get any promo code because I am an existing user and all the promo codes are for the new user who never introduced to Uber.

Need a Uber Ride with Great Discounts

There are many ways that you can save money in Uber, and I really found it helpful. I have saved a few bucks, and it will save your cash too.

Now you are wondering what are the ways to get discount and promo codes for Uber because most of the promo codes right now are only for the new user, once they use it they will come here. We belong to same world.

need a uber ride
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Referral codes

Invite your friends and family who never ever installed a Uber application in their device via your invite code. After completing the ride you and your friend will earn one free ride. It win-win game for everyone.

Observe and ask the friend who wants to take and want to install in his/her device, help them and earn the ride for your next trip.
Once I was heading back to my home and we were a group of seven people. One dude of my circle was trying to book an

Uber cab. As we were seven people we need to book two cab so that we could arrange ourselves comfortably. At that moment we share each other promo code and receive a good discount and saved little money. In this way, I had invited my friend via my personal Uber coupon code and saved bucks.

Split your fare

I have my trick, prefer Uber ride mostly in a group and split the fare that is so simple and useful things it also removes the dullness of traveling alone.

need a uber ride
Share your Uber fare and reduce the fare

Collect your friends and split your fare, if you analyze the fare of traveling alone is the same as traveling in groups that why most of the people love to take trips in groups. Uber cab can handle a minimum of 4 people in a single trip.

Avoid surge pricing

Huge traffic, heavy rain, less vehicle available around you. In this situation, Uber and other cab services take huge advantage and increase the surge the pricing for more profits.

need a uber ride
A quick note about surge pricing

If you are in an emergency, then make sure you switch to other cab services, or even go for the local taxi, or analyze competitor fare to make your trip more suitable to your budget.

If you face such situation I suggest to turn-off your location, try to put the pickup address manually and still doesn’t seem any difference switch other cab services available nearby you or call your family and friends to pick up.

Surge price

I have a friend and he was new to Uber his trip got completed because I told him about the Uber offers of referring and he was pretty happy with the final fare of his trip, then next time he booked the cab by own without knowing about the surge pricing and he was too shocked to see the final fare and he immediately called me and asked about the fare has a huge difference from the last time.

Analyses Competitors offers

When the demands increase the need for a supply is also getting an increase, and this gives rise to the competitor.

Uber is a globally established company, and the rest is popular within some countries such as Lyft in America and Ola in India but they also welcome the new user with a warm hug.

That would reduce the little money on our next trip. I prefer to use both unless I become an old user as well as my friends too. Everyone should try every service then choose the best among them.

Totally depends on you which one you would like to choose depending on how they charged you on the basis of distance and time you covered on your trip.

Use your visa and credit to save more money on your trip. Uber visa gives you the discount on the trip and it recommended by Uber too in order to gain more popularity and trying to make base strong in the Uber visa.

On the other hand credit card of the specific bank also eligible to get the discount on trips. I have used a card to gain more profit and save little bucks these offers totally depends on a bank that currently you are using.

I highly recommend if you have a credit card of on-going offers bank, do attach the card and save your money.

Use UberPool and UberGo

When you downloaded the Uber app, different variety of cab will display on your screen while requesting for the trip. These cabs get requested by passenger according to the requirement. If you are a group of four people you can book the UberGo which also a four-seater car as uberX.

I suggest you go for UberGo if you don’t have much luggage. Try it, and save a bunch of money for the next trip. Luxuries cars are mostly booked by the business class people for a fast trip, and that too little expensive but if you want to reduce the weight of your pocket then you can go for the luxuries vehicle.

To be honest it gives the luxuries feeling. I do recommend if you have money then only go for the high-class car.

Uber Paid promotion

Pay to the website who have many audiences and advertise your referral promo code. These days it common to have paid promotion, the thing that made me laugh is that claims of having 50$ or 100$ coupon, there is no such promo code are right now.

I suggest you join the uber official social media account because many times short terms promo code are launched by them.

Uber Intercity Offers

In India, Uber frequently launched promo code for the specific cities in India. Currently, there are many promo codes is working in Intercity rides put them or use indirectly in your account while taking a trip.

Rent a car is also a great option for the long trip Ola and Uber both are the perfect choice for renting a car. I have listed many Uber promo codes for the Intercity offers, check the tnc and use according to your location.

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Uber Paytm Offers

Save your money by choosing the correct and going on payment method on uber such as Paytm. Did you know?

Paytm gives the task to the Uber rider that means if you completed the certain number of trips on Uber and payment method is Paytm then you are eligible to get the discount in the form of cash back in your Paytm wallet.

Check the Paytm and look at the My Offers section which is present at the top of the corner of the app, might be you are eligible to participate and save your little hard earned money.

UberEats promo code for existing user

UberEats online delivery food service of Uber, there is various on-going promo code available at this platform.

You need to put the high discount promo code to the checkout section, many times you don’t need to add promo because Ubereats directly gives you discount by a restaurant if you analyze the restaurant around us is offering a great discount to attract the user.

Look there is maybe a promo code is available for you otherwise go for the restaurant discount.

need a uber ride, need a uber ride, need a uber ride, need a uber ride


Uber comes with exciting offers, might be we wrong to make the conclusion that it only offers a coupon for the existing user.

Promo code is the best part of any company to attracts the user, and all of them such as Lyft and Ola keep attracting us by introducing those code even for the sake of a short time.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Do People Need a Uber Ride Instead of Lyft?

No doubt, Lyft is the best service in the ride share community after Uber. Uber has excellent features and great user experience that drives the passenger’s crazy such a quality of services and luxurious cars. Needing a Uber ride preferable and convenient if comparing the other taxi services around the world Uber stands above of them.

Can I get a Uber at a certain time?

Uber has a feature of per-scheduled booking, scheduling a ride is a perfect way to make sure that the driver will receive you at the right time. The “Scheduled Rides” of Uber or Lyft are not confirmed. This is due to the on-demand nature of their drivers. Nobody is 100% sure whether the driver will receive you or may you will not able to find the cab, such things entirely depend on the situation and time.

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