How to Extend Netflix Free Trial?

How to Extend Netflix Free Trial?

Netflix is the weekend chill entertainment streaming service, which is a blessing for geeks, and people like us who have no weekend plans and we love to watch show by using Netflix free trial account and have access to full Netflix content.

We try to get as much free content from the Netflix account.

The Netflix plans price is a little high for some people and customers like us who want to save money by using the free account or account with discount, and that is the reason most people watch Netflix content free from Telegram and illegal websites and watch it without paying anything.

We have covered an article about free netflix accounts, and there are several ways you can get the Netflix account for free.

Use family’s Member Credit Card

You can extend the Netflix free trial by using someone’s credit card and virtual credit card.

Netflix gives four screens at a time, and you can use the four users’ credit cards each month so in this way, you can have a four-month Netflix free  trial.

At one point your all credit/debit card is used, and you have only the choice to buy the Netflix premium account, so what will you do, will you buy an account, or prefer to watch illegally?

Using Alternative

The other way to watch content is telegram and buy a crack Netflix app.

Each Netflix channel in telegram has thousands to ten thousand followers, now you can imagine many users prefer to watch it for free.

Another way to extend the free trial legally is to call Netflix and ask them to increase service or is the alternative to extend the service.

This method hardly works, or I would say rarely work before posting writing here my friend and I tried and none of them got the free trial, but there is an article published where some of the loyal customers get the free Netflix trial.

Using Netflix Coupons and Promo Code

Coupons and promo code of Netflix, yes you heard it right.

Websites like Retailmenot, Groupon, and many more offer the latest promo code of Netflix.

Without using the credit card, you can buy the Netflix premium account by using a gift card.

Websites Amazon and Target offer the Netflix gift code, you can buy by combining with a credit card offer and have Netflix at a discount.

I covered the entire article where you can buy the Netflix gift voucher at a discount.

The one method is compromised with your mobile phone.

T-mobile offers Netflix free subscription lifetime, but certain conditions need to be fulfilled.


If you are not lucky, then you have two choices either buy legally or illegally.

You know how to buy the free Netflix account, there are 100 methods available in Google that guide to buying the Netflix subscription, and make sure you don’t get scam.

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