Postmates Insurance Policy : What Things You Need To Know?

Postmates Insurance Policy : What Things You Need To Know?

Working on the road without the insurance policy could be a disaster if you have met an unfortunate event or accident.

You will need a particular Postmates insurance to cover your loss while working and delivering for the company.

Posmates insurance policy is a part of Postmates requirements because personal auto insurance won’t cover everything specially for business.

You may get Postmates auto insurance – they do provide the coverage for the driver.

Your personal insurance won’t cover bills and auto insurance won’t cover injuries. 

What shall be done?

To be honest, commercial insurance does not like delivery drivers, and most of the insurance won’t cover any sort of accident if they found out you were delivering. Since Postmates considered their driver as a contractor not employees.

Postmates requires you to be 18 years of age, have insurance, a valid license with clean background history, registration of a vehicle to ensure you are the legal driver.

I assume you are looking for special insurance for delivering so you can make money in your vehicle as far as the law is concerned.

Before October 2019, most of the delivery drivers do not let the commercial carrier know that you got hurt while delivering for the company.

Drivers got stuck between commercial insurance terms of not getting reimbursed if they met with an accident while you were online on the app.

But Postmates introduced their insurance policy for drivers and let’s have a look and benefits.

What is Postmates Occupational Accident Insurance?

Postmates insurance provides benefits like expenses, benefits, disability, loss of life, survivor payment, and covers the injury caused by an occupational accident. The policy applies when you pick up the order from merchants to the customer’s address.

Postmates Occupation accident policy is applied for every state in the United States except for California.

California drivers must read the article to know more about policy.

What Does Postmates Occupation Accident Insurance Cover?

Postmates insurance covers medical and other necessities with an amount as per the policy limits. The coverage offers certain benefits:

  • Accidental death benefits up to $100,000
  • Temporary total disability up to a maximum of $500 a week as a service replacement earning.
  • Accident medical expenses up to $100,000 (without deductible and copay)
  • Permanent disability $500 a week as service replacement earning
  • Accidental dismemberment up to $200,000

How to File Claim to Postmates Insurance?

Every Postmates driver are eligible to get the insurance and have benefits in unfortunate events, and Postmates insurance is free- no need to pay the coverage:

  • If you have an accident – an emergency service will arrive at the scene or call 911 if there are serious injuries.
  • You need to report the injury to Postmates.
  • To take the benefits of occupation insurance – Call OneBeacon claims center at 1-844-747-6237.
  • They will probably ask for the Policy number, and the policy number is 216-002-346. You also need to provide the license plate, registered phone number, and email address.

Things To Remember

  • Postmates require personal insurance before hiring drivers.
  • Your personal carrier won’t cover for delivering the Postmates.
  • Your personal insurance won’t cover your injury if they found out that you are delivering for Postmates and they might cancel the policy.
  • Look for a business policy if you only need for Postamtes delivery.

Final Word

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that the delivery job is the fourth dangerous job in America. Postmates insurance covers the medical and many expenses, and no need to hide anything from insurance because your policy immediately cancels if the adjustor finds out you are committing insurance fraud.

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