Postmates Promo Codes for Existing Users

Postmates Promo Codes for Existing Users

What is Postmates?

Postmates is a food delivery service in the United States.

Postmates operating 4,200 cities in the United States and depending on restaurant services are open 24/7.

Established in 2011 by  Bastian Lehmann, Sam Street, and Sean Plaice.

Now Postmates owned by Uber and its parent company is Uber.

Postmates operates services similar to UberEats and other food delivery services.

The surge price increases during peak hour, and charge service fees also.

According to the US food survey, Postmates is the fourth most popular food delivery service in the country.

Postmates pass price is $9.99 in a month, also known as Postmates Unlimited.

Postmates offers promo code frequently and tries everything so that customers won’t switch to alternatives.

We know they frequently send us notifications about promo code and offers. This is the reason we think twice before moving to the next food delivery apps.

Postmates introduced new coupons and delivery codes now and then.

The delivery fee almost gets free if you are the subscriber, because of more than 250,000+ restaurants and other merchants registered on its app, and it has reduced the minimum order value to $20.

There are 10% of customers of Postmates are Unlimited Subscribers.

Food2eat-Worked in Southern California too

GETDELIVERED– for free delivery on 2 orders over $10

MYFAVFOOD – Free delivery all weekend.

LUVEATING – $3 off for order $15+.

HAVEABITE: Free Delivery On 2 Orders.

We will keep you updated with the new promo code, and if these promo codes are non-working shoot in the comment, we will remove and update them as soon as we get from the Postmates.

Postmates has three types of promo code for existing users

  • Free delivery promo code
  • Normal Promo Code
  • Restaurants discounts

Recently I have received an email from Postmates about a free delivery promo code which is TASTYMEAL.

There are more promo codes for existing users, and join Reddit you will find more codes.

Delivery code usually deals with delivery fees, either you will get the free delivery or discounts in order.

Normal promo code either for new users or existing users, read the terms and conditions, and we are also keep updated the promo code in Reddit Postmates Post.

Restaurant discount promo code you will find within the apps while checking out.

Brands like McDonald’s, Starbuck, and many others do offer promo code.

Postmates Promo Code: $3 OFF on Postmates.

  • Worked in Phoenix, Long Beach.
  • Selective restaurants.
  • Limited period offer.

Postmates Promo code: SCROLL

Postmates Promo Code: $5 OFF on your Next order.

  • 100% delivery off on Postmates.
  • Worked in Miami, Wilmington, Nashville.
  • Limited time offer.

Postmates Promo Code: TIKTOK

Postmates Promo Code: $5 off next Postmates order.

  • Worked in Los Angeles.
  • Limited Offer.
  • Nearby restaurants.

Postmates Promo Code: SMILEKP.

Postmates Promo Code Reddit

None of them are referrals, and these are verified promo codes of Postmates received by an official email, and most of them are location specific.
I request you to give a try and check if one of them applies to your city. Promo codes source are reddit postmates thread.

Reddit Promo CodeDiscount AmountLocations
FOREVERMINE$10+ orders only, expires 5/30Specific Location (Worked in Seattle)
MCD3Minimum Order $5Select Merchants Only (Worked Seattle)
ALLTHEFOODMinimum Order $10$3 OFF (Worked in Phoenix)
STAYINGIN$5 OFF Order over $10Specific Location(Worked in PHX and NYC)
COUCHSESHTWO FREE DELIVERYSpecific Location(Worked in Los Angeles and Atlanta)
GETGOODFOODFree delivery on $15+ orderUnlimited Subscriber(Worked in PHOENIX and los Angeles)
FOODFOODFOOD$5 OFF Order, min $12Worked in New Orleans, Miami, Pittsburg)
STAYPUT Validity 05/31/2020Expired
GOOD2EAT10% off order $25+Worked in Phoenix, LA, San diego)

Postmates Promo Code: $4 off your order, has to be at least $12.

  • Worked in Flagstaff, AZ
  • Minimum Order $12.
  • Limited Period Offers.

Postmates Promo Code: BEEP.

Postmates Subscription: Save more than average $150 on Postmates subscription. 

  • Valid for those who buy the membership.
  • Discount on selective restaurants.
  • Free delivery to nearby restaurants.

Postmates Promo Code: No Code Required.

Postmates Promo Code: 100% Free Delivery on next Postmates Order.

  • Free delivery.
  • Worked in CA and FL and LA.
  • Limited period offer.

Postmates Promo Code: THEBINGE.

Postmates Promo Code: $3 OFF on $10+ Food order.

  • Worked in LA for unlimited member.
  • Minimum Order value $10+.
  • Worked in OC California and FL

Postmates Promo Code: SMILEKATY

Postmates Promo Code: Free delivery on one $10+ order

  • Worked Sacramento CA and CLT.
  • Worked in San Antonio, TX and El Paso, TX
  • Minimum Order value $10+

Postmates Promo Code: KATYSMILE

Postmates Promo Code for Existing Users

After the first meal, we are no longer eligible for new offers and hardly promo codes and coupons these companies give to us.

Referral is the most effective way of earning free ride, almost every promo code website display promo code of other user’s referral code.

You can also do freely by commenting on blogs and quora and other social media pages to earn free referrals.

Postmates promo code reddit

We need to realize, every company in the world attempts to attract the customer through offers and coupons. Once they made a strong base they stopped giving promo code to the existing users.

The good things are we have a number of alternatives to Postmates such as Grubhub, Ubereats, Doordash, and more.Doordash and UberEats are the popular eatery service across the USA and I recommend a switch to every delivery service and enjoy the discount meal from each of them.

We can switch to any alternative at any time without the seconds’ thoughts so use the current discount of other food delivery applications.

How does Postmates Referral Work?

Postmates’ referral is the same as other referral services.

When your friend uses your referral link automatically they received the credit and after they complete first order on Postmates; you will receive the credit amount

We can read and check terms and conditions of referral credit on the Account section of the Postmates page.

The more you refer to your family and friends, the more credits you will receive in your account.

The main question coming in our mind is that after referring everyone, how can we receive the promo code and discount voucher?

The most basic question and let see other sources to get promo code through referral.

What are the ways of referral?

Social media is the most useful technique to promote the referral code and get the discount voucher, and we can use it in our next ride.

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the great medium to promote the referral link.

Do you know?

World top coupon websites are helping the users to promote the referral promo code on their website, and I know you are aware of the technique and they are receiving the commission by advertising their referral.

If you have a large audience, then it’s easy to get a referral done.

Try Alternatives like Doordash, UberEats, and Grubhub

No doubt, these delivery apps ruling over the USA, and demanding increasing due to service and upon comparison, and we have found that such service keeps introducing the discount on occasions such as thanksgiving, and new year eve.

We have many UberEats promo codes for existing users and new users as well.

GrubHub Promo Code

Doordash Promo Code

Try the alternative, and if the promo code applies to your account, then you can have a big discount.

How to Sign up for Postmates?

Signing and becoming the Postmates users we need to apply email and phone number, and after that you need to verify the code, and you are a member of Postmates you can order food anywhere and anytime.

Postmates promo code number verification
Postmates promo code sign up


How can you apply promo code in Postmates?

Open the Postamates app, and at the menu icon, you will find the Add promo code section- put the promo code and click on add and discount will apply automatically to your next order.

Another way to add promo code is during the checkout there is a promo code option, add your promo code manually and hit the button, discount will apply to your order.

Can I sign up for Postmates without an email address?

We need email as well as a phone number for verification of the Postmates account. The reason is that the courier guy can contact you through phone number and for the order updates they send you the details through email.

Why Postmates Promo code didn’t apply to my account?

You are entitled to a $5 discount on the next 5 orders when you join through your friend referral link.

If the order is $20 (including taxes and service) and $5 OFF, then you need to pay $15 to your meals.

However, in any case if the promo code did not apply to the account, you must contact the Postmates Contact page, and let them know the problem and they will reach out.

Can I schedule the Postmates Order?

Yes, you can schedule the order on Postmates on any date or time.

The maximum scheduling days are 7, and you can do it during the checkout.

Postmates promo code for exisitng users 1
Click on the time stamp
Postmates promo code for existing users 2)
Click on the When Button
postmates promo code for exiting users 3
Schedule the order

After the scheduling, you will receive the confirmation email about the date and time. In any case, date and time are incorrect you can cancel the order and reschedule again as long as the order is not in progress

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