A Quick Price Comparison between Uber and Lyft

Uber and Lyft are the two main modes of transportation in the U.S. and are the significant cab service for the frequent passenger who travels daily in one of this cab. Surely there will be comparison, user trying to find out and try to take the ride on the more convenient cab service.

Comparison between uber and lyft
Yellow Taxi on the New York Street

Uber or Lyft what is the key difference of these two top American cab transportation networks that currently operates the service all over the 50 states of America. We will explore more in detail and try to know key differences and which one should we use.

History and Management

Lyft was launched in 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer, a rideshare company that allows the peer-to-peer transportation service. Initially, in 2007, it produced as Zimride that covers the long distance trip between two cities by linking the driver and passenger through Facebook Connect Application.

You know what, that time Zimride was the largest rideshare program in the U.S.A and it sold because the duo could focus on Lyft and expand the service by bringing the more updates and want to create a close bond between the passenger and company.

Green is the current C.E.O, and Zimmer is the president of the company.

Uber was launched in the March of 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. Uber is a rideshare company that allows peer-to-peer transportation. Initially, it was known as Ubercab. Travis Kalanick resigned from the CEO post, and Dara Khosrowshahi replaced him in 2017.

However, Travis still maintains the board of director position in Uber. Camp, is a computer programmer and founder of StumbleUpon a web directory program. Unfortunately, in 2018 it shut down and launched a new directory web search platform called Mix

Uber and Lyft headquarter located in California, San Francisco.

Passenger review and experience

From a rider point of view functionality and interface which influence them to judge the service. A well behaved professional driver with some etiquette that forced the rider to give a good rating.

Moreover, customer service for both the company is fabulous, 24/7 service is available for the user to raise the inconvenience caused to them.

A user interface is always considered the main things, the account setup, the payment structure, review the ride and put the reason to improve the service and both company struggle hard to implement the basic needs of users.

Any company in the world works according to the demand or needs of the customer if the company fulfill these small things surely user will come back to them and take their service again and even refer to the other people around them.

On 2017, #deleteuber campaign all over the social media led the company to loss of 200,000.

The story began when American president Trump temporary banned the citizen seven Muslim countries from entering the USA, and local taxi Alliance had joined the campaign and stop picking the passenger from the JFK on the other hand uber raised the surge price by visualizing as business opportunities which led the #deleteuber campaign and loss of 200,000 users. The trends were powerful and spread like a fire in the jungle.

There are a high-profile multiple of sexual harassment of uber driver on passenger came into the limelight over the years.

Both uber and lyft have decided to end a course in which those who were the victims were required to resolve the cases through the intervention as objected to the criminal justice system.

Brand Image

In maintaining the brand image unfortunately uber miserably fail to save his image though it still working on that and hope in the future uber will come back and regain the positive popularity.

In this case, Lyft has a stable public relations and rarely seen to have any sexual claims case, lawsuits, and any scandals.

Establishing and maintaining the image of the brand that the two different things and we know sooner or later they will manage their brand image because they know how to regain and stand again.

Rating System

Both Uber and Lyft have rating systems in which rider and driver can rate to each other. Rating systems depend on driver car’s maintenance, cleanliness, professionalism, punctuality, safe ride while on the other side driver rates the rider on the basis of courtesy, generosity, politeness, and respect towards his car.

The algorithms for both the company is the same if the rating falls on average requirements then both side face consequences.

If the driver has a low rating, he may get terminated from the company while the riders lose the service if he has below average rating.

Often rider gets the average rating even if he gives his 100% to the service, and uber and lyft count those rating in the eligibility criteria of incentives.

The driver incentives depend on the rating, target of accepting requests and many more. However, the driver can view the rating given by the rider after completing the trip.

Uber and Lyft offer

Uber and Lyft are the competitors and always trying to attract more users toward their service and strive to capture more market in the regional area. Promos code and offers are occasionally provided during the festival or events. Nobody would want to miss the opportunity of grabbing those offer. Following are the list of current and working promo code of these ridesharing services in the United States.

Types of Service

Uber driver needs to qualify for the primary background checks before joining uber as a driver. They require a car model and a clean history of driving along with the license, insurance, and inspection of a car. Uber gives the full flexibility to the driver who is students and wants to work as a part-timer. There are different types of services given by the uber for the passenger so that they can prefer the car according to their needs.

Following type of service found in the uber app

  • UberX basic sedan for the group of 4 people
  • UberXL is a basic affordable service for the group of 6 people
  • UberSUV presents luxury car for a group of 6 people
  • UberSELECT is a top rated driver car which is stylish and luxurious
  • UberPOOL allows the customer to share the cab to those passengers who are having the same route
  • UberTaxi, it is a yellow local taxi which connects the rides to the nearest local taxi in the uber app

Lyft driver also requires to cross the background check before joining as a driver. the car model is 2005 or newer with four doors and clean, no scratch or damage on the car. Clean interior and needs professional behaviour and polite talk.

  • Normal Lyft provides the regular cab of 4 people
  • Lyft Xl is a regular cab for the group of 6 people
  • Lyft Premiere provides high ends car for the group of 4 people
  • Lyft Black is a premium high-class luxury car
  • Lyft Lux provides the premium service in luxury car
  • Lyft Black XL provides the premium service in SUV car for 6 people

Uber vs. Lyft

Comparison between uber and Lyft
Graph indicates uber and Lyft sales statatics


As of 2018 uber capture the enormous market in New York. Approximately 63,000 cabs of uber are available on the New York street while 34,000 of Lyft and 16,000 of Taxi. The needs at the right time and right place that all important for the user.

Uber is popular across the globe, hardly missed any famous cities where you wouldn’t see uber while Lyft is only available in the USA.

However, uber and Lyft are a billion dollar company. People love to use both of them, and in the future, these transport networks will introduce more services for their user.

At the end of the day, you are the one who is going to decide which one you want to prefer or do you want to drive.

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