Why do companies like Uber, DoorDash, Airbnb need brand identity

In today’ digital era, any consumer will first look at the brand before considering the product. Internet is an inescapable marketplace, and indeed individual read the reviews before making the decision. Brand identity,Brand identity,Brand identity,Brand identity,Brand identity,

Any branding is the core of their marketing and the representation of their business. Your name your brand, branding should be your top priority, creating branding email to attract clients. These are the quotes that we are often listening or say. Brand identity,Brand identity,Brand identity,

Brand and Branding

What is a brand and what is branding? In simple word, one is a noun, and another is a verb.Word can make either big or small differences and the funny part that consumer forgets to define the difference between brand and branding, they switched noun and verb.

What is Branding?

Branding defines the visual language of the business such as website, logo design, your presentation. Branding attract consumer, it creates a vibe which helps to manage the place in the consumer minds.

What is brand?

On the other hand, a brand needs a consistent action and get defined by the performance. The service, and how do you serve your product to the consumer and how do you create a brand image.

The brand work according to the consumer mind, you can’t control consumer, you can influence them toward the product or service that you are presenting.

Business is not a number, business is people … only people

The brand requires to read the consumer mind, their need and the product relatable to them. Brand creates emotion and established a connection, trust, and the word that what you stand for.

Why strong brand identity is important to consumers?

Brand recognition is very crucial to business and company. Close your eyes and think what comes in your mind when you heard the word like renting a room, cab and order food. It could be Airbnb, uber and DoorDash and more companies like these.

Airbnb usually evokes the images of luxuries room and thinking of hosting and its logo, features and everything you know about Airbnb.

Doordash evokes speed of service and delivering of a diverse variety of cuisine from the different restaurant, across the USA.

Uber is a cab service, though it suffered a lot in the past and it still managed to build a brand identity across the globe. Only the least countries left where uber cars are not operating on the road. The word cab evokes towards the uber, their service and the luxuries car.

Involving and building a relationship

Building the bond with potential customers by engaging them and analyze their needs and fulfill it. Such things help to create a successful brand.

  • Uber is not a car selling company
  • Airbnb is not a real estate company, they don’t even own a room
  • DoorDash is not a food company, they don’t have their own restaurants

Involving in consumer affair and providing the extra dose of love from the car, food, and room from time to time. That leads them to carry the brand identity and get the fanatical customer support it offered. That is the company’s brand.

Establishing a connection

Discover an emotional connection with the consumer and stand on the words and values help to gain transparent communication. If the consumer relates the story of themselves with your brand, then no one can stop for developing a brand.

Present the  ‘real’ behind the story, and the authentic image will enable the target market to become familiar with the service or product then the target market will themselves move to the service as an honest customer rather than forced to themselves.

A Quick Review of Top 15 Global Brands

brand identity


Back in the early 2000s, Coca-Cola was a top brand in the world and after the 17 years, it slipped on the third position.

The tobacco company Marlboro, still in the race with $22 billion, and companies like Nokia are out of the group.

No doubt the tech companies set foot on the branding and seem like it won’t going move out from the group. Apple, Google, and social media Facebook are launched a few decades back and makes their roots much strong in the world top brands.

All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You. 

– Tom Peters in Fast Company

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